Publication Platform

ORE Open Research Europe: promotes Open Access publications with EU funding, at no cost for authors. It guarantees fast publication times, application of Open Peer Review, indexing in major databases such as Scopus and Pubmed. It is restricted to authors receiving Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe or Euratom funding, and the manuscript submitted must be connected to a funded project.

Peer Community In: a non-commercial not-for-profit initiative supported by research institutions, it is based on the Open Access availability of the entire publication process, from manuscript publication, review, author response to editorial decision.
The author deposits their manuscript in a pre-print repository and sends the DOI to Peer Community In. If the manuscript is considered valid, it is assigned for evaluation to at least 2 reviewers, who publish their recommendation in a transparent way.

Wellcome open research: publication platform that accepts and funds scientific publications with at least one author receiving a Wellcome grant. Articles are published according to the author-driven model, i.e. authors are the only ones responsible for their content. Once published, articles undergo open peer-review and, if they pass, are indexed in the main repositories and databases.